“My sincerest gratitude and thanks to Mr Andrew Irwin for the successful surgery which he carried out on my wrist in August last year.   I am now completely pain-free after years of suffering and I am able to play my instruments and teach painlessly.   You were the first consultant to diagnose my problem correctly and rectify it.   I would also like to thank the physiotherapist who aided in my recovery.”

Philip S., February 2019

“Mr Irwin signed me off as his patient yesterday after operating to repair a torn rotator cuff muscle.  I would like to thank Mr Irwin for the sterling job he performed on me. My op was three months ago and already I feel a great benefit from the surgery…  I am also delightfully astounded how small the wounds are.   Mr Irwin was very approachable and listened to all of my concerns answering any issues with knowledge and confidence.    I’m very grateful…  and can now continue my passion of playing golf. I would certainly recommend Mr Irwin to anyone who requires similar surgery.”

Trish O, February 2019

”very caring, attentive and professional stop felt safe and secure at all times and was under no doubt he’d deliver what he said”.

Katy T, January 2019.

”Well, I just want to let you know how my progress is going.  You said that I’d hopefully be playing golf again by mid April.   In fact I played nine holes last Saturday and 18 yesterday.  Both my physio and Pilates teacher or amazed at the rate of progression and both say it has to be down to having such a good surgeon.   …So once again thank you for doing such a great job on my shoulder.”

Catherine W, April 2018

” I was extremely grateful for Mr Irwin’s advice and comfort for indeed I was in excruciating pain.   Thanks to the ‘magic powder’  Mr Irwin must have sprinkled (and a little help from the Voltarol)  I made an amazing recovery the following morning with no pain and able to move and walk!  Apart from the suggested physiotherapy I think you can regard this case as closed.

Colin C, Sept 2018.

“Hi Andrew, lovely Mrs A. rang today with a progress report.  She is progressing very well, reckons she is 99.9% better from pain… she would like to be discharged now and said to thank you very much and that it was well worth having”.

Patient Mrs A. telephoning my secretary, Jan 2018.

” I would like to thank Mr Irwin… call correctly diagnosing …  the failure of a Furlong left hip prosthesis from an x-ray image…  his observation was even more commendable and remarkable considering the consultation in his clinic was concerned with a cuff tear in my shoulder and not for my hip”.

Don L, Jan 2018.

” I thought I would write …  to thank Andrew for the attention to my joints over the past few years.   I am very pleased to say, and I hope I’m not tempting Providence here, that both my shoulders my hips and elbow have never felt better with no aches or pains and I’m feeling in great condition overall. .. my golf is also improving…”.

Stuart W. July 2017

“Thanks to you and your Assistant my finger operation has.. been a success …and I look forward to playing the keyboard again.”

“I want to say many thanks…. you have restored to my life the simplest of tasks we take for granted every day to the most precious ones, being pain free.  Being able to sleep.  To embrace my family and friends…”

“It is just over a year now since you sorted out my arm after a fall in the ….Hills and less than successful attempts at ….. and …. Hospitals to deal with it.  I am glad to say we have just got back from there this time after an incident-free walking week.  Many thanks for treating me so skilfully…”

“I am pleased to say my wife’s shoulder repair is settling down nicely, thanks to your care and attention”.

“My left shoulder is improving weekly and the scar has almost disappeared”.

“I couldn’t let your efforts and help over the past few weeks go without mention.  I am very grateful that you acted so promptly, bearing in mind my imminent departure for … at the end of this month..”

“Thank you for your help and advice for my road to recovery.  My shoulder is absolutely normal!  You would never know I had broken it.  Remarkable.”

“I am delighted with my progress so far and hope it will continue….”

“A special thank you for the all the care you have taken to make me feel pain free and whole again…”

“Op went very well and I am very happy with the whole process from first contact with you through to the very good treatment I received from all at Spire…”

From a retiring local GP “..my sincere thanks for all the advice and guidance you have given me.. over 23 years I have worked at … House Surgery… I have really appreciated the time you have taken to answer queries by phone, email and letter.  I have been really able to learn from your responses..”

“I write to you to express my thanks following my consultation with you.  Together with the “gel” and my physio, I was able to play golf last Friday after too long a lay-off, PAIN FREE!  That meant an awful lot to me”.