How it Works

Most patients start by visiting their GP or physiotherapist and are then advised to “see a specialist” for their shoulder or elbow problem.  Quite a few patients are recommended to see me by word of mouth and then ask their GP for a referral.

You can contact my secretary, Mrs Val Holland, at the Elms Consulting Rooms in St Albans who can advise on clinic times and consultation costs.  If you have private insurance you will need to contact your insurer at an early stage.  I am fee assured by major private insurers including BUPA, Axa and Aviva.

The Elms Consulting Rooms Staff

You would make an appointment to see me at the Elms Consulting Rooms or in a clinic (Outpatients Department) at Spire Hospital Harpenden.  During the appointment I take a detailed history of your problem and then observe and examine the problem area.  X-rays or other types of investigation may be required to confirm a diagnosis.  Some patients require surgery to relieve pain or to improve their range of movement but other patients simply want to have a diagnosis and reassurance.


1. Referral
Get a referral from your GP, physiotherapist or other consultant.

2. Arrange a Consultation
Contact my secretary to arrange a consultation, either in a clinic (known as Outpatients) at Spire Hospital, Harpenden or at the Elms Consulting Rooms, St Albans.

3. Consultation

During the consultation, I assess patients by taking a detailed history and by performing a clinical examination.

4. Further Examination
Patients may be sent for carefully selected investigations such as x-ray, ultrasound scan or MRI scan and/or bone scans.

5. Surgery
If surgery is required, this can be arranged with Spire Hospital or BMI Hospital, Bishops Wood.