The Elms Consulting RoomsIf you wish to book an appointment to see me you can phone the hospital direct (see below) or contact my private secretary Mrs V Holland at the Elms Consulting Rooms on 01727 865057 if you want to know about clinic times and days.

The Elms Consulting Rooms  24 Hall Place Gardens, St Albans, AL1 3SF
Private Secretary  01727 865057
Website  The Elms Consulting Rooms Official Website

Spire Hospital HarpendenOutpatients Appointments

Telephone direct for outpatient appointments:

Spire Hospital, Harpenden: 0800 585112

Spire Bushey Hospital: 0208 950 9090

One Stop Doctors: 01442 331900

Further Information: Spire Hospital Harpenden Website

Medicolegal Referrals

Please contact Emma at The Elms Consulting Rooms on 01727 865057 or