To arrange a consultation with an orthopaedic surgeon, a patient can be referred by their GP, another Consultant or physiotherapist or other professional. If you have private health insurance you should speak to your insurer as requirements vary from insurer to insurer.

I charge within the guidelines of most healthcare insurers although as insurers vary their rates from time to time, occasionally there can be an unintended discrepancy.

The referring doctor will send the referral letter to my private secretary at the Elms Consulting Rooms or to Spire Hospital directly and then a consultation can be arranged.  Consultations can be at the Outpatients Department of Spire Hospital Harpenden or OSD clinic, Hemel Hempstead.

Spire Hospital HarpendenCare Packages

Fixed prices or inclusive care

Spire Hospital Harpenden has a system in place for offering an all inclusive package price for most procedures.

Please contact Spire Hospital Harpenden direct for details of self funding packages.